Sunday, March 28, 2010

OK, now I'll be frustrated

I had been in a period of mourning over the Purdue loss, but seeing how the Final Four is shaking out, I think I can be justifiably annoyed at how things are shaking out. Consider this. Of all the teams remaining at the beginning of the day today, Purdue had defeated all 6 of them in the past three seasons, i.e. ever since Hummel, Moore and Johnson have been on the roster, including Tennessee, Michigan State, and West Virginia this year, the last two happen to be in the Final Four now.
Also, now since the tournament has gone to 64 teams, two teams from Indiana have made the final four, Indiana and Butler. Not Purdue.This is dispiriting. I'm going to be devastated if it doesn't happen for Purdue next year.



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